Welcome Pack

Welcome to Sowerby Bridge Shotokan Karate Club.


Karate fosters the spirit of the individual and strives to encourage each student to be the best that they can be.  With diligent training, we aim not only to create an advanced level of physical fitness but also mental fitness with confidence and determination to always do your best. 


Karate has many benefits for adults and children.  


  • It has been proven that martial arts improve concentration

  • Discipline developed from Karate becomes a valuable life skill

  • Physical fitness from Karate builds a strong and agile physique

  • Flexibility is important in preventing injury and Karate vastly improves flexibility

  • Karate builds a self-belief and self-confidence in your own abilities 

  • Tenacity is another skill learned in Karate, the ability to overcome adversity

  • Karate also brings together a group of people who passionately believe in its benefits and practice – and Karate is fun!


Training is provided by qualified instructors who have been fully DBS checked.  Both instructors have been training in Shotokan Karate for over 30 years and have attained senior grades.  The instructors bring a deep understanding of the mechanics of Karate, the technical details as well as the discipline and respect.  Having competed at regional, national and international level, this experience will also be used to develop the skills of students.


Karate needs very little equipment.  To start with, beginners just need to wear loose clothing.  If you decide to stay you will need to purchase a training suit called a Gi.  These can be bought through the club as we have a 10% discount with the supplier. You will also need to join the association we are members of – the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) who insure all members and instructors.  More information on the KUGB can be found on their website: www.kugb.org.  Please speak to one of the instructors about either a Gi or joining the KUGB.

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